Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gift Guide: The Parents

There’s no one in the world quite like the two individuals that where there for you from day one. They have encourage you to follow your dreams, teach you life’s greatest lessons, and most importantly have given you unconditional love. Some of my happiest memories have been with my parents during the holidays. This year I'll be sure to return a little love with some gifts I've put a lot of thought to. To help put a smile on your parents’ faces this Christmas (and hopefully alleviate any last minute shopping trips), I’ve rounded up ten potentially perfect presents.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Gift Guide: For the little ones

The holidays are just around the corner and with them come the frenetic gift shopping we all start thinking about a little too late. This time around I've decided to start shopping relatively early for all the special people in my life therefore I will be writing a couple of gift guides in order to help you narrow down just the perfect gift.

This special Holiday Edition will start with presents for the little ones in your life.


1. Louis Louise Leather Apache shoes $43

2. Petit Bateau Pijamas $59

3. Bloomingsville Wooden Rocket $29

4. Djeco Castanet, Maracas & Tambourine Set $35

5. Janod Duck'n Roll $15

6. The Land of Nod Indoor Teepee $99

7. Bloomingville Cloud Pillow $35 

8. Hello Shiso Cactus Hairclips $13

9. Omy Giant Atlas Coloring Poster $26

10. Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks $26

Hope you liked the items I picked out and stayed tuned for more gift guides!

Have a fantastic week.
just balbina 

Monday, October 10, 2016

September Favorites

Can you believe it's already October?! Is it just me or has this year just flown by?

I've decided to jump on every bloggers' bandwagon and tell you a little about my favorite things this past month.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fall Hairstyles

Fall is my favorite season of the year. After the hot summer finally it starts to cool off and I can feel the winds of change. Maybe it has something to do with the beginning of the scholastic year. 
A brand new planner, new classrooms, new books, new people, new clothes and often new hairstyles.

Which is why I've gathered 5 hair trends to try this fall.

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Minimalist-list - Baby Registry

As we approach the nesting stage in our pregnancies we start searching for the items that we'll soon need in order to welcome our little one in our home. Let's just say that as soon as we start realizing how many things we suddenly retain absolutely necessary, the search soon becomes very overwhelming.

I mean how many things can a newborn possibly need, right? The thing that nobody really tells you is that every parent and therefore every baby is different. What works for one baby might not work for another. Thus we must take our shopping spree one step at a time. There are however some crucial items that will make you and the little addition to the family's life easier.

I have come up with a "minimalist" list that contains the essential and depending on where you live, your budget and lifestyle you can check, cross out or even narrow down to what's really necessary.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Carrot Muffins

Having a terrible sweet tooth there are few things that i love more than carrot cake (ok, maybe there's a tie with gelato) but what if I told you there's a delicious healthier version of it? A carrot muffin that you can devour guilt-free. I have made this recipe numerous times and the best part is that Lorenzo absolutely loves them.

Friday, August 12, 2016

DiY Bookmark

This upcoming week is my mother-in-law's birthday. Although I consider myself an amazing present-giver, i must admit I found myself completely lost with this one.

So I thought to myself, why not give her something she would not be able to purchase anywhere? Something that would not only be useful but have a personal touch.
I know she loves a good read ergo a bookmark was just perfect!

Here is a DiY that is not only adorable but super fast to make.