Friday, August 12, 2016

DiY Bookmark

This upcoming week is my mother-in-law's birthday. Although I consider myself an amazing present-giver, i must admit I found myself completely lost with this one.

So I thought to myself, why not give her something she would not be able to purchase anywhere? Something that would not only be useful but have a personal touch.
I know she loves a good read ergo a bookmark was just perfect!

Here is a DiY that is not only adorable but super fast to make.


All you need is : 
  • a pair of scissors
  •  yarn (i got two types but you can use one) 
  • a piece of cardboard (cut into the desired length of your tassel) 
  • beads (optional) 
  • a picture.

1.Wrap the yarn around the cardboard. Depending on how thick you want your tassel that's however many times you go around.

2. Once you've reached your desired thickness, trim your end. Take another piece of yarn and thread it underneath the wrapped yarn. Pull it all the way to the top.

3. Tie a double knot on top and trim the bottom strands in half.

4. Taking yet another piece of yarn (I opted to use a gold one) tie it around the top part of your tassel. Make an initial double knot, wrap it around neatly a couple of times and finish it off with another double knot. Trim any ends that stick out.

5. Add some beads, attach your picture and TADA!

Hope your enjoyed this quick tutorial. Have a great weekend!

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