Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fall Hairstyles

Fall is my favorite season of the year. After the hot summer finally it starts to cool off and I can feel the winds of change. Maybe it has something to do with the beginning of the scholastic year. 
A brand new planner, new classrooms, new books, new people, new clothes and often new hairstyles.

Which is why I've gathered 5 hair trends to try this fall.

Starting from the top left.

The Ponytail 2.0
Your good old low ponytail but with some hair wrapped around the hair tie that then can easily be secured with a bobby pin. (Vogue)

Messy Fringe

Dare to try something new and cut those bangs already.. is what i keep telling myself at the hairdressers but I always chicken out. Nevertheless I find this look absolutely stunning. (

Tie the Knot

Simple, messy yet sophisticated. Need I say more?
(Harper's Bazaar)

Hollywood Waves

Perfect for date night! I even found the easiest tutorial for these romantic waves. (Refinery 29)

Halo Braid
A littel time consuming but I guarantee that you will feel like an angel. (

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!

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